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The Sage Award
Presented Annually at the CACE Leadership Conference

To Honor Our Own
Rules and Regs and budgets galore
Title 1 duties are these, plus more!
Additions, amendments, and LEA bosses
Make directors think they live in a zoo.
Deciphering memos with mysterious clauses
Can cause our most stalwart to sit and boo-hoo.
Along this path of profound complication
We each have found us a savior.
A Prince Charming or Godmother type
Who can relate to our behavior.
One who gets in there amidst the mess,
And helps us out when things get rough;
One who’s sweet and gentle and kind;
And actually understands this stuff.
A person who’s only a phone call away
A person who’s teetering on the brinkeroo
A person as busy and bothered as us,
Who’s still able to clearly think for two.
A proposal rises now that CACE,
The merry bank of fellow sufferers,
Should honor one who has helped out others,
A veritable Mother Theresa of Bufferers,
You can nominate whoe’er you wish.
Be, it one, or two or three.
We’ll add up to the highest number
And our winner there shall be.
Some words of praise about your candidate
Will help us explain our choice.
It will make the award more meaningful
‘cause it comes from a helped-ones voice.
So please join in to make a pick,
We’re in this to help each other.
What better way then to single out
For honor a sister or a brother.
Come Conference time in December days
At the luncheon – a hearty fare
We’ll give a toast; acknowledge our own

And honor him or her.

CACE congratulates the 2017 Sage Award Recipient

Past Recipients

1993:  Richard Buckley    
2006: Pat Lysz
1994:  Joseph Counter 
2007: Mary Grassi
1995:  John Corcoran  
2008: Katie Shea
1996:  Diane Brisson 
2009:  Barbara Solomon 
1997:  Jane Foley 
2010: Amy Berdos 
1998:  Zita Samuels   
2011: Roberta Reingold 
1999:  Brendan Walsh 
2012: Marie Deedy  
2000:  Karen Matheny  
2013: Lucille Boutiette
2001:  Anne Marie Carr-Reardon 
2014: Gary Reese
2002:  Linda McMenimen  
2015: Susan Levine
2003:  Debbie Spinelli
2016: Karen McCarthy
2004: Paul Zinni
2005: Joan Fitton


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